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About Agro Fortuna

| Our Mission |

Delivery the highest quality products with the best possible service

| About Us |

Agro Fortuna is an international farming company which follow with passion all the aspects starting from the soil to the final product without forgetting the respect for the nature. Established in 2010 from the joint-venture between an european and russian compnay , based on the mutual will to delivery the highest quality products with the best possible services.

The company is focussed on alternative crops:
mustard, flaxseed, coriander , red and yellow millet , milk thistle
but we also cultivate wheat ,sunflower and corns.

We export about 80% of production in more than 20 countries

| Company |

Our warehouse and plant are located in Kaplino,StaryOskol, in the south of Russia, branch office in Italy .
The field are located in the heart of the blackearth , considered for many crops the best quality soil.
A team specialist follow al the phases because for us quality and environment must walk together.
A lot of farming company cultivated alternative crops only for the rotation of the field, for us crop diversity is a key tenet of sustainable agriculture. Having multiple crops that fill distinct niches in an agroecosystem improves the ability to manage weeds, diseases and insect pests as well as potentially improving the environmental performance of the cropping system.

News Line

| Agro Fortuna entered in the top 3 exporter of alternative crops |

Our Products

kindly find below a short list of our products/production from the new harvest

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Our Advantages

| The long way to the Quality |


  • Best seeds cultivation and selection
  • Pre-cleaning machine,Remove impurities
  • Automated Dryers
  • Vibrocentrifugal separator
  • Sad separator, cleaner aerodynamic
  • ISO and HACCP certification

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Photo separator

  • Use an electronic eye that can pick up different colors according to the way the machine is adjusted. As seed falls down a shoot, it passes through the electric eye.

    If the color of the seed is different than the desired color, the electric eye will activate a sudden burst of air that pushes that seed into a reject bin while the rest of the seed passes through to another bin.

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